YES! I am talking about the oldest paintings in the world.

They are definitely not the canvas painting that one normally assumes; they are the cave paintings that have been found in Nerja Caves in Spain at a place called Costa del Sol.

Scientists believe that these cave paintings are over 42000 years old and most interestingly are believed to have been sketched by Neanderthal man, who was specie or sub-specie of Humans who got extinct some 30,000 years ago.These are the only paintings found that indicate the artistic abilities of the Neanderthal man, hence are of great academic and research importance.

Now, What Do These Paintings Depict?
These hand paintings are of seals and are six in total; Neanderthal man was known to eat seals hence the connection is not difficult to make. But this is not how researchers concluded the fact, they did the dating test to get the facts right.

Previously the title of ‘World’s Oldest Art Work’ was held by 32,000-year-old images that were found in the Chauvet Cave in southern France.