Her dream to travel the world came one step close to reality when she was 25, and now is an achievement which no one has ever realized before her – she is the first 27-year-old in the World to have traveled every country that exists on Earth!

She started as a 25-year-old and at 27 she was done chasing her dream to travel all the 196 countries, which makes her the fastest traveler!

I believe that most astonishing of the dreams appear when you are in the lap of childhood, and her dream took hold of her life’ course when she was in school. Since she was a little girl, the thought of exploring alien lands and their customs and cultures was more important and reasonable to her than leading the ‘same’ life in her never-changing ‘hometown’!! And know what? She chose to follow her dream….

Though it took her a lot of hard work, she finally undertook the journey which cost her $198,000 but don’t they say that every dream finds its way to completion, her trip around the globe was totally funded by sponsors! ‘The book of her journey can be read flip by flip’ on her Instagram account, where advertisements of various luxury hotels can also be seen who allowed her to stay in exchange for their promotion.

Certainly, if you want something ‘that’ badly, you will somehow find the way!! Right?? Let us have a look at her dream-come-true journey!!

Meet Cassandra De Pecol – the first ever 27-years-old woman to have traveled every country in the world!! 

It was July 24th, 2015 when Cassie took her first step towards her dream and on February 2nd, 2017, the dream became her reality!

Man!! 196 countries!! Besides 193 sovereign states, she has also been to the disputed state of Kosovo, Taiwan, and Palestine! Whoa!!

It was not her first backpacking experience though. Her earlier attempt was limited to 26 countries but it was this trip that she undertook in her teens and early 20s that fueled her desire to go further and see it all.

Burning with the desire to see the whole world, on returning she took two jobs and worked herself to the hilt with 85-hours a week!!

And all the while her constant companion was the world’s map pinned to her wall.

And as they say, ‘when the time came’, finally the love for travel made her quit one of her jobs as she started doing some serious planning! She began joining the different countries on the map with dots…… 

And then something great happened!!! The endorsement that she got from International Institute of Peace Through Tourism finally gave her the wings she needed…and she was ready to soar!

With the institute’s goal to reduce poverty by boosting the travel industry as her motto, she started her journey as their Ambassador for Peace.

And… that meant she had a certain job to accomplish while traveling ….and as the ambassador, was only allowed to spend a few days in each country.

A big chunk of her time was spent visiting tourism officials, politicians or university students.

But it is definitely a small price to pay for the dream she got the chance to live, right? Moreover, it is not that she didn’t get to see the countries at all!! She did!

An estimated $198,000 USD (£160,000) were spent on her around-the-world trip and thankfully most of it was covered by sponsors.

“As a young woman, I’d always dreamed to travel to as many countries as possible and make our world a better place,” she wrote on her website.

“It bothered me though, that I could never figure out how to ignite this inner fire and make it happen”

“I became terrified as I envisioned myself at 80 years old, having not lead the life that I wanted while working towards making someone else’s dream a reality”

As per Cassie, her journey was not as easy as it appears.

It is true that she was able to make her dream a reality, but it was not served to her on a plate, she had to do a lot of hard work to achieve it.

That is why she wants to help people in achieving their traveling dreams and is thinking of launching a course so that she can teach people how to find funding for their expeditions.

Watch the video below for more info:

More info: Cassandra De Pecol | Instagram | Facebook

(Image credits: Caters News Agency)