Talent!! Our world is brimming with it, actually overflowing!! Soulful singers who sing their hearts out, the dancers, the painters and writers, and god knows what, just like colors, talent is what makes our lives so colorful.

But the sad part is that talent takes a lot of time to be ‘found’ because ‘our’ memories are short-lived and amidst the onslaught of so many voices the one which once left its mark fades. Street dancers and singers, or those which perform in subways bare their souls when they perform in the midst of people. But sadly no one pays them much heed except a few, no wonder many times they seem to be in their own word, certainly why perform for those who don’t even care, they learn to perform for themselves. One such subway performer is Mike Yung, and his voice is so sonorous that it forced me to take notice and I actually had goosebumps!! After this, I promised myself that I will always take a minute to appreciate someone who is performing in streets or subways, for by doing so I will not loose anything but it will make someone’s day. Right? Certainly ‘A Change is Gonna Come’!! #Beingahuman myself all I can say is after watching this video #ihavechanged #forthebetter!!