The Sony World Photography Awards is the most prestigious photo contest in the world which highlights some of the best images captured by photographers around the world. On March 28th, 2017, Sony World Photography Awards revealed the winners of the “Open” category, along with the National Awards category.

The winners were selected from more than 105,000 entries to the Open Category competition by a panel of sworn experts who searched for the best individual photographs in ten sub-categories.

Here, we leave you with the winning photographs of the Open category, in their different subcategories.


1. Portraits Category Winner

© Alexander Vinogrado

Mathilda by Alexander Vinogradov, Russian Federation

Inspired by the movie Leon. Model: Anastasiya Marinina.

2. Motion Category Winner

© Camilo Diaz

Submerged Field by Camilo Diaz, Colombia

“The Colombian national team is immersed in white, grey, and black, fighting together for the ultimate position. With accredited prestige, an invitation was sent to participate in the European Junior Championship, as a guest team. Ana Maria and her team are constantly fighting, pushing their lungs to the limit and transforming their everyday lack of resources to an idea of opportunity. The volume of water suggests a calm while the surface gives constant chaos. It is in this scenario that the South American team is named youth world champion winners in Norway.”

3. Culture Category Winner

© Jianguo Gong

Tai Chi by Jianguo Gong, China

December 10, 2016. Wuhan city in Hubei Province, the Yangtze River, more than 1 thousand and 300 people practicing taijiquan.

4. Travel Category Winner

© Ralph Gräf

Gassing Up At Roy’s by Ralph Gräf, Germany

Roy’s Cafe, gas station and motel in Amboy, California. Part of my series “Roadside America”. This photo was taken at the Historic Route 66.

5. Street Photography Category Winner

© Constantinos Sofikitis

Halloween Protagonists by Constantinos Sofikitis, Greece

Halloween in NYC, one of the world’s most unique parades and the spookiest holiday in the fall.

6. Architecture Category Winner

© Tim Cornbill

Oculus by Tim Cornbill, UK

“Having just arrived in Berlin on a bright summer’s day, my wife and I decided to take a morning walk along the River Spree. We soon came across a large concrete building, and I was immediately struck by its geometry and scale. Across the river, I positioned myself for a single point perspective and waited for the right moment to capture it. A couple came into the viewfinder and I noticed the cyclist out of the corner of my eye. I waited for them to move into the frame and hit the shutter to try and balance the composition. “

7. Enhanced Category Winner

© Lise Johansson

# 3 Hearth (The series explores what it means to feel at home) by Lise Johansson

“The inspiration for the work came from the personal experience of Johansson returning to Denmark after many years of living abroad and realising he had lost the warm sense of belonging I once he had. This feeling of loss can be felt when viewing the photograph.”

8. Nature Category Winner

© Hiroshi Tanita

Borderline by Hiroshi Tanita, Japan

“The boundary line between blue and white, ice and snow which appeared in the pond to which thin ice came into winter.”

9. Wildlife Category Winner

© Alessandra Meniconzi

Flamingos Soul by Alessandra Meniconzi, Switzeland

Meniconzi captured this image of a flock of flamingos in the shallow waters of Walvis Bay, on the Namibian coast in Summer 2016.

10. Still Life Category Winner

© Sergey Dibtsev

Sunrise at sea by Sergey Dibtsev, Russia

“Not necessary to have money to travel by sea. Just use your imagination! Fabric and paper is all you need.”