The Belgian Photographer Frederik Buyckx was bestowed with the ‘Photographer of the Year’ award. Not only that, he also won the Landscape Prize for his mesmerizing series ‘Whiteout’ which featured pics of the astounding snow draped landscapes from Balkans, Scandinavia and Central Asia. It was appreciated profusely by the judges for its outstanding ‘beauty’!

Frederik Buyckx work was filtered out from a bulk of 227,000 entries, which were submitted under 10 categories by photographers residing in 183 countries. Wow! He certainly deserves every buck of the $25,000 (USD) prize that he received.

Other winners include:

Michelle Daiana Gentile; she won the Student Photographer of the Year for her ‘Only Hope’ series and got Sony photography equipment worth €30,000 for her university in Argentina.

Katelyn Wang, a 16-year-old from LA, USA was named the Youth Photographer of the Year. She owes her victory to her click named ‘On Top of the World’ which beautifully captured the astounding landscape of Lake Pehoé, Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.

Scroll down and have a look at the Winning Pics!! They are truly Awesome!!

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# Architecture Category Winner- Space & City by Dongni


# Contemporary Issues Category Winner- Saudi Tales of Love by Tasneem Alsultan

© Tasneem Alsultan,

# Landscape Category Winner and Photographer of the Year- Whiteout by Frederick Buyck

© Frederik Buyckx

# Natural World Category Winner- African Wildlife at Night by Will Burrard-Lucas

© Will Burrard-Lucas

# Sport Category Winner- The Twins’ Gymnastics Dream by Yuan Peng

© Yuan Peng

# Portraiture Category Winner- Light. Shadows. Perfect Woman by George Mayer

© George Mayer

# Daily Life Category Winner- The Longings of Others by Sandra Hoyn

© Sandra Hoyn

# Current Affairs & News Category Winner- We Are Taking No Prisoners by Alessio Romenzi

© Alessio Romenzi

# Conceptual Category Winner- Art. 115 by Sabine Cattaneo


© Sabine Cattaneo

# Still Life Category Winner- Indelible Marks by Henry Agudelo

© Henry Agudelo

# Youth Competition Winner- On Top of the World by Katelyn Wang

© Katelyn Wang

# Student Focus Winner- Only Hope by Michelle Daiana Gentile

© Michelle Daiana Gentile