It is a noteworthy observation that, around the globe, there is a trend which repeats itself, time and again; streets, by streets, avenues and roads are named after famous musicians to mark their outstanding contribution to the field of music. In some cases, this is done by citizens of musician’s hometown or by a community, a district or area, where the musician lived, as a means of paying a tribute to the musicians memory and to make sure that his/her name is remembered. Penny Lane, Flaming Lips Alley and Joey Ramone Way are few of the examples; have a look at our whole list and learn more!!

1. Jimi Hendrix Way, Bellingham

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James Marshall, better known as “Jimi”, was an American rock singer and guitarist. His career span was too short, only for four years but still, he is regarded as one of the most influential guitarists of the 20th century. As Hendrix was born in Bellingham’s neighbouring sister city- Seattle so they pay tribute to Hendrix with a road named after him.

2. Joey Ramone Place, New York

Joey Ramone was honored with the creation of "Joey Ramone Place" outside the address of CBGB in New York City.
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Joey Roman Place is named after Jeffrey Ross Hyman who is the lead singer of the band, Ramones. The street is very near to the club where the band first performed. Joey died in 2001 due to cancer, but his memory lives on, not only in his music but also on the corner of the Bowery and 2nd Street, which, on Nov. 30th, 2003, became forever known as ‘Joey Ramone Place.’

3. Dave Grohl Alley, Warren, Ohio

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Dave Grohl the founder of the Foo Fighters and former drummer of Nirvana, was actually born in Warren, Ohio. This surprises many people because they assume that he was born in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2009, the small city in Northwest Ohio renamed an alleyway in Grohl’s honor and invited the local artists to trick it out with musical murals. Included in the mix is a painting of Grohl as a rock’n’roll Superman and the entire concept was the idea of a local police sergeant Joe O’Grady, when he found out that Warren was Grohl’s hometown.

4. Heintzman Street, Toronto

The street is named after a very famous piano manufacturer and musician- Theodor Heintzman who died in 1899. Pianos made by Heintzman were renowned worldwide for their quality and sound. This is the road where the factory of Heintzman was situated. But we are not sure that it still remains on the street or not.

Sorry, we couldn’t find an actual image of the street sign.

5. A.R. Rahman Street, Canada

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A.R. Rahman, an Oscar-winning music composer of India gets a street after his name in Markham, Ontario, Canada. This shows the popularity of the composer. The board having the street’s name reads ‘Allah-Rakha Rahman st’.

6. Justin Bieber Way, Forney, Texas

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Although it was for temporary, but Justin Bieber once had a street named after him. This was done by an 11 year old girl, Caroline Gonzalez who won the town’s “Mayor for a day” contest and her first act as a mayor was to change the name of the main street to Justin Bieber Way for the day.

7. Flaming Lips Alley, Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City is the place from where the Flaming Lips started as a band, back in 2006, and they were honoured with a street in the centre of the city’s Bricktown arts district.

8. Frank Sinatra Drive, Palm Springs, California

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Frank Sinatra was an American singer who was most popular and influential musical artist of his time. Sinatra has three streets after his name in the United States.

9. Willie Nelson Boulevard, Austin, Texas

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Austin City Council honoured Willie Nelson by giving his name to a street. They also honoured the musician two years later with a life-size statue, located on the street in front of Austin City Limits studio.

10. Frank Zappa Straße, Berlin, Germany

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Street no.13 which took the name of Zappa in 2007 was the home to a giant studio complex, named Orwo Haus that provided rehearsal spaces for up to 160 bands. The Orwo Haus association decided to name the street after Frank Zappa because he was musically versatile, proactive and did not allow himself to be captured by capitalistic enterprises.