A woman, Orawan Kaewla-iat, lives in Thailand and for quite sometime has been feeding stray dogs which live around the streets near the housing for the City Police, where she lives.

And among these pooches, there is this one stray dog, Tua Plu, who is a bit different from the others when it comes to expressing love and gratitude!

This cute doggie, visits Orawan daily for meals with his mother, and as per the lady, whenever he shows up, he makes sure that he has something to offer in return for the meals. Whether a leaf or a piece of paper tucked in his mouth, he never fails to bring her a ‘cute doggie’ gift.

Recently, Orawan, posted the dog’s video on her FB sharing her concern that since she is going to move out of the housing soon, she is afraid that there will be no one to feed the loving dog and its mother. Thanks to her efforts, many people have come forward to help.

Have a look at the video, and know why he is melting hearts worldwide! The sight will definitely make your day!!!

Meet Tua Plu — the perfect gentleman.

He comes daily to Orawan, the Thai Lady who feeds him, with a present as a token of thanks…

He comes mostly with a leaf or a piece of paper in his mouth…And offers it to her before going ahead with his meal.

Have you ever witnessed such a heartwarming gesture from a pooch? I haven’t!!

We’re glad that Orawan posted a video of Tua Plu on her FB! Since Orawan is leaving the place and won’t be able to feed him, we are relieved to know that there are many who are interested in adopting him. Isn’t it great?

Watch the video here:


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