Guyzzz, do you want to vent out your pent up emotions? No, you don’t have to hit the gym or make your friend’s life hell to do so….for there is a new way out there to do it!!

All you have to do is summon your hoverboard skills and dance it out!!!

This video brings forth the most fabulous dance routine ever which puts your ‘Hoverboard’ skills to the best use; this ‘Hoverboard’ choreography has been set to the song of Justin Bieber ‘What do you Mean?’ by a crew, which is full of swag and is definitely just ‘out-of-this-world’!!! Even if you don’t dance and you haven’t ever ridden a hoverboard, watching it is still worth it.

This is so better than the song’s original video that JB should hire this crew and make some great ‘Hoverboard’ dancing videos with them. I just hope!! Have fun!!