It is a common observation that most people decide to do things by the book, not out of obedience but to irritate, irate or rattle an ‘infuriating’ someone ‘who was hellbent on teaching them what and what not to do’. It works wonders to one’s ego, one can show his/her irritation, and the goal is achieved without even being aggressive and threatening to others! How convenient, right?

But people, we are not saying that such an attitude is something to be proud of, we are just stating a common occurrence!! It is just that when someone tries to invade your space and judges or criticizes you harshly, resorting to such a behavior to express displeasure is quite common….

That’s why it was quite shocking for us to accept that there are people who actually do things ‘by the book’, willingly! And their deeds are so epic and dripping with abidance that they actually put the system to shame.

All are great, but the one listed at #1 is definitely the King for us!

Have a look… and enjoy!!

1. You are to assume the role of a Chinese immigrant in 1870


2. This peanut sale


3. My mom told me to “clean the bathroom like the Queen of England is visiting”


4. Breastfeeding request


5. Mortality is real


6. By customer request


7. You’re welcome, Mum 


8. Denise ain’t fucking around 


9. I’m on it 


10. Can’t argue with that