Delusion is a delusion after all!!! Don’t pretend that you are not able to understand what we are saying; what we mean is that while one is trying to keep a leash on one’s body fat accumulations, not controlling the diet is the biggest misnomer. Eat all you like, do the right exercise and get a healthy body; this doesn’t seem whole, though it sounds so: Eat right(which means you will have to skip the must-not-eats), do the right exercises and get a healthy body is a better version and yet it is not as simple as it sounds in written. But we are here to make it simple for you all; the following are the tricks which we have compiled to help the strugglers, in keeping a check on their food-intake.

1. Use Smaller Plates, Bowls and Serving Spoons!

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You might be wondering how this is going to help? Be calm; it is a way to trick the mind into thinking that nothing is amiss; it is like a pretense where you reflect as if you are eating the same portions of food when in reality it is the scaled down version of previous servings that one has become accustomed to over the years. Isn’t it better to keep the fact intact that you are still eating a plateful course instead of eating from a bigger plate which is partially empty? Of course, it is!!!

Pay heed to what I am going to say- what I just shared is backed by research also, yes researchers feel that when people make use of large bowls, plates and serving utensils, they usually serve themselves more and despite resolving that they will cut on the extra food they end up consuming more food. This is also backed by a study which was published in 2006 in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. In the research output, about 85 nutrition professionals were asked to serve themselves a bowl of ice cream and a variety of bowl and spoon sizes. The professionals who were subjected to larger bowls were observed to have served themselves 31% more ice cream, whereas when they used a large spoon, they ended up having 14.5% more into their bowls.

2. Increase Your Intake of Vegetables

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Eating a higher number of vegetable balances out the fact that the food quantity has actually been decreased; however there is another reason that we advise higher vegetable intake- they have low calories. One should proceed bit by bit, hence one can start by adding vegetable to your preferred food like Pizza or pasta etc, it is the least that one can do!!

You can start by doing this in various ways- If pasta is something you can’t live without, then start decreasing its amount to but compensate the quantity by adding in some broccoli or green beans as they will help bulk up the meal.

Same can be done if giving up pizza is proving a herculean job; sandwiches with higher veggie content will also prove helpful!!

3. Avoid Eating in Front of Television

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It is a fact that while watching TV, most of us consume involuntarily more than the amount we originally intend to eat. While watching, we get distracted and mostly fail to acknowledge what we are actually doing subconsciously. Same happens when we sit in front of television with a snack, no wonder we keep on consuming our high-fat snack and within no time, the whole snack vanishes knocking out all our fitness goals in vain.

This is also supported by a 2007 study which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. As per the researchers, it was reported that the participants who consumed food while playing Solitaire felt less full after eating than participants who ate without any distractions.
No wonder they ate twice the amount than the non-distracted participants and even to our surprise also failed to remember what they were eating during the game!!!!

4. Another Use of Fork!!

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It is advised that one shall put his/her fork or spoon down multiple times during the meal; this is so because this gives ‘I am full signals to the brain’. Hence it gives the brain a chance to catch up with stomach; this allows the body to decide more accurately whether we need more food or it is time to stop.

5. Avoid Eating Directly from Food Containers

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This is so because if you are a big foodie, it is likely that you will end up devouring the whole container within minutes; which is certainly not a good sign for our fitness motto. Try using a bowl, just like small plates in case of regular meals, for controlled intake of whatever snack or food you are thinking of eating.

6. If It Is a Snack Go for 100- Calorie Packs

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Yes, if snacks are your weak spots, I am not saying leave them in a single go, but instead of lunging for the big bag of chips, eat 100-calorie snack packs; this is the least you can do right? A 100-calorie snack packs will make sure that you are only consuming a specific amount in one go and will help control your food portion; after sometime, you will be surprised to note that it will begin to satisfy your hunger.
Have a healthy happy life!!!

7. Increase Your Intake of Water

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It is believed that sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger pangs, which prompts us to eat even when our body is not actually craving food!! Since for both these situations, the signals arise from the brain, make sure that you are keeping your body hydrated so that the above scenario of thirst-being-confused-as-hunger will not arise. If possible start drinking water before meals so as to avoid over-eating; but try to keep the time-gap between the water intake and food intake atleast half an hour to ensure unhampered digestion.

8. Cut Your Food into More Pieces

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A study carried out at Arizona State University’s psychology department states that when we divide our food into smaller pieces, we tend to consume less. In an experiment that involved 301 students, each student was give 82g of bagel to consume. Some plates contained uncut bagel, while in others it was divided into four pieces. Later on, the students were offered lunch, the students who had got uncut bagel were found to have consumed more calories as compared to the other group. Hence, when eating food, make sure that you are dividing it into small chunks for it will trick your brain into thinking that you are in fact eating more!!