NG, just like every year has invited Photographers from around the world to participate in National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2017. Submissions can be made in any of the three categories: Nature, Cities, and People.

The winners will be endowed with great prizes!

There will be ONE grand prize: A 10-day trip to the Galapagos with National Geographic Expeditions, and…..for each category three winners will be announced who will get the following amount as the prize:
First prize: $2500
Second Prize: $750
Third Prize: $500

The submissions will close down on June 30, 2017, 12:00:00 p.m. EDT.

Scroll down and have a look at some of the best photos received by Nat Geo up till now in Nature category.

Click on images for larger view.

1. Lost in White by Adam Cunningham-White

Adam Cunningham-White / Nat Geo

This photo captures the moment that I, along with 3 other Sami reindeer herders become a little lost while migrating with 350 reindeer. They were rounded up from a section of forest around 30kms south of this point. Our goal was to take them, via rivers, northwards to pastures new using the network of rivers and lakes that flow through Sweden. This was taken on Randijaur lake, Jokkmokk, Sweden.

2. SymmetryrtemmyS by Hiroshi Tanita

Hiroshi Tanita / Nat Geo

Cherry blossoms reflected in perfect condition.

3. Swallows Cave by Marc Henauer

Marc Henauer / Nat Geo

A freediver swim in the deep of “swallows cave” in Tonga. This cave is settled by more than few thousand fish. They offer you a spectacular ballet when you dive inside. The contrast between the dark of the bottom and the light of the top make bright the fishes like stars.

4. Spring Has Come by Hayashida Masayoshi

Hayashida Masayoshi / Nat Geo

I expressed the visit of spring. Wild birds are also gathering for delicious honey.

5. Blue Pond the Stellar Sky by Nao Akimoto

Nao Akimoto / Nat Geo

“Voice from the stars.”

6. A Drive to Remember by Manish Mamtani

Manish Mamtani / Nat Geo

Aerial view of the Scenic drive and the beautiful Fall colors of New Hampshire. I used a drone to capture the fall colors that cannot be seen from the road.

7. The Look of Innocence by Nadeem Sufi

Nadeem Sufi / Nat Geo

Tolerating harsh environment provided me with an opportunity to witness one of many wonders of nature in Wapusk NP.

8. Powerful Cloud by Takashi

Takashi / Nat Geo

Mt Fuji is a treasure trove of mysterious shaped clouds. Various forms of clouds appear when a fast air current blows over the Mt Fuji. I stayed in the car during the night at the Inokashira forest road about 0.8 miles above sea level about 25 miles west of Mt Fuji. The small clouds that appeared before dawn grew bigger and bigger. Just before sunrise they had become a huge cloud covering Mt. Fuji. The shadows of them in the backlight were the most powerful masterpieces.

9. Moss Forest by Tetsuya Hosokawa

Tetsuya Hosokawa / Nat Geo

Yakushima is an island full of abundant moss and beautiful water.

10. In Your Face by Shane Gross

Shane Gross / Nat Geo

Caribbean reef sharks are usually shy so I placed my camera on a rock where I know they frequent and used a remote trigger to click away as they came in and bumped my camera around.

11. Little Eyewitness by Hidetoshi Ogata

Hidetoshi Ogata / Nat Geo

On a cold winter’s day, monkeys have several ways to keep off the cold. For example, in order to keep them warm, they have a soak in a hot spring, take a bedrock bath or huddle together, etc. While monkeys were huddling together, I approached them with the stealthy footsteps. Then I photographed them from directly above at the moment when a little monkey nestled in mother’s arms looked to the camera.