The face of Mr. Bean aka George Washington is so riotously funny that whenever it appears or comes to mind, it never fails to extract a silly snort out of our bellies!!!

Man! That face of his is indeed something that we can call a natural wonder. Isn’t it? Gawd! It is so expressive and …comical…that he does not even need words to make us laugh!!!!

Here are a few photoshopped pics of his which will definitely make your day. Perk up guys, and be ready to laugh your lungs out!!


1. Mr. Bean in Avatar


2. Mr. Bean as Mona Lisa

3. Justin Beanbur

4. Wolverbean

5. Mr. Bean as Popeye


6. The Royal Bean

7. George Washington Bean

Rodney Pike

8. Gladiator Mr. Bean

Rodney Pike

9. Gilbert Stuart Bean

Rodney Pike

10. Mr. Bean as Harry Potter