In this era, where deforestation is incredibly high and more and more animals are being forced each year to leave their habitats, it always makes me ‘feel sad and hopeless’ – the question “Are ‘we’ humans really this cruel?” haunts me painfully and to my dismay all I can do is be a ‘damn’ spectator. But to my relief, ‘this’ is not the whole picture, many of ‘us’ unlike me – who ease their souls and conscience by planting more trees- are actually doing things to make sure that the ‘animals’ remain safe and very much the part of their natural habitat.

We bring you one of the many examples of warm gestures which instill my faith in the fact that ‘we are (indeed) humans’!! Below are the pics of the animal bridges – around the globe built by humans – which makes sure that animals don’t have to cross roads (as that usually leads to their untimely deaths). It may not seem a very big step, but it is this simple deed which is giving the animals the chance to remain out of the ‘our’ roads which are known to kill so ruthlessly.

Certainly, it is an insightful deed which makes sure that the impact of human’s never-ending encroachment of forests, which rightfully belong to the animals, can be reduced to some extent and at the same time ensures that more and more animals’ lives can be saved in the process.

1. Wildlife Crossing in Belgium


2. Turtle Tunnel in Japan


3. Ecoduct in Singapore


4. Squirrel Bridge in Washington


5. Ecoduct in Colorado


6. Animal Bridge in Montana


7. Crab Bridge on Christmas Island

Kristy Faulker

8. Ecoduct in Banff National Park, Canada

Joel Sartore

9. Bridge for the Animals in North Brabant Province, Netherlands


10. Bridge for Monkeys and Other Animals to Cross Over the Road in Bahia, Brazil