It is very common in family setup: children and adults laughing at some ‘hot’ topic which most of the time revolves around ‘poop’ and other things related to it like fart and all!! 🙂 I, by God’s grace, have known such ‘good’ times, and it still happens, when my cousins visit 🙂 You know, we all are children, in the bodies of adults, who are damn good at pretending!!

Okay, back to the point; in my entire life I have never seen ‘poop’ ‘ever’ in the light of something (i am taking in the terms of metaphor) which is not hilarious, and this infographic, just changed how I think about ‘poop’.

Have a look, the infographic is quite informative; as per it, your poop can tell a lot about your health; if you want to know how health conditions or eating habits affect your poop, you SHOULD indeed read it attentively!

H/T: Health Works