Our present generation enjoys every comfort of life, be it the ultra-fast Wi-Fi internet connection or a faster and more convenient mode of conveyance, we have an easy access to everything. But have you ever thought how this transition from downright difficult to easy lifestyle, came about? Don’t you think we owe all this to some great minds?

Yes, we do. This easy day-to-day life is only possible because the past was lucky enough to have some great minds whose inventions changed the life of the man for good. As a wise man once said, “Small Things Make Big Differences!” Here we bring you the greatest inventions of all times, that have played a significant role in shaping our present day lives:

1. Wheel


Wheels! It is certainly, the greatest invention that mankind has ever seen, as the world we see today wouldn’t have been the same without them. Being the fundamental cause of the great Industrial revolution, wheels, have been shaping the world’s economy, technology, and industry ever since. So can you imagine a life without wheels? I can’t!! (‘walking to places or using bullock-carts’ I don’t think so I want to go back in time…..)

2. Light Bulb


A light Bulb-An invention that eliminated the darkness of our nights and gave the man the power to create his own day in the lap of the night, is so important that it only comes second only to the invention of wheels! It took us years ahead of the era where candles and cheap gas lamps were still used. Thanks to the collective efforts of Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan, for making ours world a brighter place!

3. Internet


Imagine your day without the Internet!

I am sure it is the hardest thing to imagine, right? No wonder, the Internet, by all means, has been titled as the greatest invention of the modern civilization. Thanks to Tim Berner-Lee (the person who created the Internet in 1989)  who endowed us with this blessing called the Internet!!

4. Contraceptives


Everybody loves Sex! Don’t you? Everyone does!!

In today’s world, if a person is willing to makeup, he can simply walk into a pharmacy, buy a condom and whoop! It’s that simple, but wait! Would it have been the same if we didn’t have contraceptives? No!!

I am presuming you already have a consenting partner. 🙂

Never-mind!! So, another invention that has played a significant role in shaping our present are indeed, contraceptives. Thanks to them, we can have leisure sex anytime, without being worried about any sort of STD.

5. Printing Press


Today, in this era of information and literature explosion, we can easily access printed materials; be it a newspaper, a magazine, a textbook or a holy scripture, we can easily find one in a nearby store, bookshop or a library.

Such a big volume of printed material couldn’t have been possible if the process of printing was not simplified by the invention of the printing press. We owe it to German Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the modern printing press in the late 15th century. Kudos to him!

6. Telephones


Telephones! Who would care about them in the world of smart phones, right? But, if there were no telephones, there couldn’t have been a smart phone either. And that’s a fact!!  Electronic Voice Transmission (Technology behind the telephone) was a product of the collective efforts of many pioneer inventors, but Alexander Graham Bell was the first inventor to be awarded a patent of electric telephones in 1876.

7.       Steam Engine


Though electric and combustion engines are the prominent ones today, but they would never be able to overshadow the fact that steam engines are the only sole driving force behind the exponential industrial growth.  In fact, all the major power plants across the world use steam turbines to generate electricity till date and are backed by either burning coal, natural gas or a nuclear reactor.

8. Personal Computer


Our present day lives are highly dependent on computers; be it the first Apollo landing on the moon or buying grocery at the supermarket, nothing is possible without them. They are now the indispensable part of our lives.

9. Refrigerator


Refrigerators have given us a lot of slack when it comes to our eating habits since their introduction in the year of 1927. There’s even an old saying that tells a lot about its importance in our lives- “A Home Without A Refrigerator Is Like A Train Without An Engine.” Thanks to them, we can preserve the food’s freshness all-round the year. No matter, if it’s extremely hot or cold outside, we no longer have to compromise on our taste or budget.

10. Gregorian Calendar


The last, but not the least, the Gregorian calendar. Imagine, if there was no such calendar system invented, would our lives be as easy as they are now? Well, the answer is quite clear! Hence, the Gregorian Calendar system, introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, has to be the part of our list of Inventions that have been playing a significant role in shaping our present day lives.