When LEGOs were first created by Ole Kirk Christiansen – a Danish Carpenter – in 1934, no one would have thought that with time they will become such an intimate part and parcel of our lives. But, this is what happened!!! Still very much in demand in today’s times, the popularity of LEGOs can be judged by the fact that ever since the time of Ole Kirk Christiansen, over 400 billions LEGO pieces are said to have been built….and still counting!

Their popularity has always been on the rise, and we are not just talking about kids! Because of their unbound construction capabilities, they are now used in a lot of other things too!!

Believe us when we say that they have come a long way from being a mere toy!

From their use in the classrooms to LEGO photo frame ideas…here is a list which covers almost all possibilities where LEGOs can be used effectively.

Have a look and since most of them fall under DIY projects, if you find them interesting do try them! Enjoy!

1. Lego Fish Tank


2. Lego Lampshade


3. Lego Desk Organizer


4. Lego Tissue Box Cover


5. Lego Earrings


6. Knife Block


7. Lego Flower Pot


8. Lego Handbags


9. Lego Guitar


10. Lego Necklaces