That is why it is the hardest moment for a dad to say goodbye to her beloved daughter on her wedding day as she takes her leave in her wedding dress towards a new life with her ‘new’ hero. Though leaving is metaphorical, she would meet him now and then, but it is this ‘now and then’ which makes it so hard, ‘he’ can’t keep her with him is the worst part for a bride’s father!!

Dad, the first ever hero of ‘her’ life, witnesses it all as the life of his daughter unfolds; the toddler, the strengthening of the bond, the trust that he sees in his little one’s eyes, the hero worshiping ….and….finally the growing up, but he accepts the change with open arms, but a hero is not a hero in the truest sense if he can’t leave his ‘last’ impression the lasting one.

This daddy just nailed it; he made the father-daughter dance so special that for ‘her’ it will always remain the highlight of her marriage. He chose “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw as the song for the dance, and with a desire to make it memorable he decided to pull off a surprise which earned him an epic response from his daughter. She could hardly believe what was happening. Want to know what was it? Have a look and feel the love that only a father can bestow on his little daughter!! A love that her husband would never be able to replace, ‘alas!’ he will always remain the second-best. 🙂 #nohardfeelings though.

Here’s another view of the special moment.