Do you know what happens when fiction becomes reality? ……It gives birth to awe!
Just imagine how it will feel like if you ever came across a face in flesh, which up till now belonged to the realms of the fiction?

Here are some of the most iconic Disney characters which are not figments of fiction, by chance or not, the faces do exist, and makes us believe that fiction is not fiction after all.

Whether it is The Little Mermaid’s Evil Ursula or Toy Story’s Mr. Potato Head or Ratatouille’ Alfredo Linguini, the list will not only make you laugh like anything but would also introduce you to different shades of disbelief…or am I bluffing?

Scroll down and find out

1. Remember Ursula from little mermaid? This Ukrainian judge is the nearest thing to Ursula out there.

We are darn sure about that!


2. Flash from Zootopia. This girl looks exactly like him. Doesn’t she?

Maybe they are related? Siblings? Who knows!! #wink 🙂


3. This boxer’s face after a fight reminds us of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


4. Granny from Looney Toons


5. I think Linda Hunt was the inspiration behind Edna from The Incredibles.


6. Jonny Bravo Incarnate

7. The guy has definitely walked out of a funny comic!

We were never this sure!


8. Elsa from Frozen in the flesh!!


9. The old man Carl from Up seems to have finally landed on Earth after his epic balloon flight!


10. Oh man! The scout kid from Up also exists!!!!


11. Nicky Minaj is actually Mrs. Potato Head’s human avatar. ROLF!