Routine kills the joy!! Doesn’t it?

Doing the same work daily takes a toll not only on the motivation levels but also on the levels of impatience; it starts getting under the skin as we start getting restless and life seems endlessly dull!! This is quite common and this bug bites me almost every week, and I have to pull myself again and gradually as the week wanes, my life comes back…maybe it has something to do with the prospect of a relaxing weekend; regardless of that, it is quite common.

Here are some comics by Karina Farek, which perfectly captures ‘this’ state which almost every one of us experience when the work get too heavy, and the pain gets too unbearable. Have a look, deja-vu is what I felt, what about you?

1. Man! Only a job can help you realize what actually Professionalism is!!

No one can follow a myth for long, right?? 🙂


2. Suddenly ‘Reaching Office on time’ begins to shift to the ‘not so important’ category.

Catching breakfast is definitely more important that reaching the hell hole!!

3. And then one day, out of nowhere, the Ultimate Knowledge dawns on you- “the boss is certainly not your Friend”!

4. And as that Mirage shatters, You start losing your note-taking tendencies….

5. And you start evolving from the ‘do it all’ to ‘do I have to?’

6. But still, Just like the Stupid Job, some things never change!