‘What would my life have been like if I was born privileged?’; such thoughts cross the minds of many who don’t fall in the privileged category, especially when we witness people getting things easily – literally on a silver plate – while we have to work our asses off to get the same thing. No doubt, hard work and the feeling of the being-a-self-made person are quite satisfying, yet the fact that others get it so easily makes it look unfair.

I think, Toby Morris, an Auckland-based illustrator, must have also felt the ‘unfairness that an unprivileged person witnesses and how hard the life treats them’ and that too, too closely (or he is highly observant) because his comic strip succeeds in capturing the stark truth about how differently the World treats ‘the privileged’ and ‘the unprivileged’!

Toby’s comic strip, titled as “On A Plate”, tells a short story; it is about a man who gets everything, even opportunities are served up ‘on a plate on his beck and call’ and a girl who works her days off while doing underpaid multiple jobs to make ends meet and still fails to bridge the gap between their statuses.

H/T: The Wireless