It is an age-old fact that a man would never be completely able to understand ‘what a woman actually wants?’; he has been and will continue to spend days trying to make some sense of the conundrum called ‘Woman’. But this holiday season, we can at least, make your life a bit easy as the festive season approaches with some help in finding ‘that’ perfect Christmas gift for your woman. We know it can be a herculean job to find something that you think will make her catch her breath in awe!! Do you want to see that love and mirth dancing in her eyes? So, go ahead, read on and choose well.

Certainly, for us, men, there is nothing better than successfully pleasing one’s woman!! Don’t you agree? Of course, you do!! 🙂

Happy Holidays, happy ‘gift hunting’ and a great Christmas!!

1. Beauty Box Set

ULTA’s 12 Days of Beauty

Makeup is a girl’s best friend, no matter how old she is. Of course, we are not talking about a kid, but all other girls do qualify, right? Hence if you are looking for a great Christmas gift for a lady friend or family member, we think this beauty box set will just do the job!

Prize: $18

See at ULTA

2. Perfect Perfume

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

A Lady, irrespective of her age or profession loves a good scent. Choose the best from a set of fragrances like jasmine, rose and other floral offerings and gift her the perfect perfume this holiday season.

Prize: $120


3. Bath Fizzes

Fizz & Bubble 9-pack Bath Truffle

These shea butter-dipped bath truffles are so good to look that they can easily be passed for an edible thing!! She will indeed love them, and ‘why will she not?’, they are outright adorable, and useful to, even if only in the bathroom!!

Prize: $20

See at ULTA

4. Monogrammed Headphones Case

Is one of your best friends or family members crazy about music? Then, as we all know it is a big problem to keep one’s headphones away from the harm’s way, make her life a bit easy by gifting her one of these Monogrammed headphone cases. She will certainly appreciate the gift!!

Prize: $38

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5. Travel Journal Notebook

Smythson Travel Journal

A travel journal is the best gift for the lady in your life who is crazy about traveling!!! Gift her the journal and let her catalog her memorable and cherished travel outings; she can also record her travel ideas, interesting na? 🙂

Prize: $195


6. Tea Sampler

Kusmi Tea- Wellness Tea Gift Set

In every household or group of friends, there is always a lady or girl who is crazy about tasting different sort of teas. If you know someone whose part-time life mission is to taste all sorts of teas, gift her this amazing teas sampler. Your friend or family member will love it and ‘why will she not’ the sampler has 42 beautiful tea bags- full of varied flavors. Bingo!!

Prize: $61

See at NeimanMarcus

7. Polka Dot Vases

If your lady adores flowers and loves to decorate the house with vases full of them, we think there is no better gift for her than these Polka Dot Vases. The thought that you have invested while choosing the gift would make her love for you stronger. And to complete the deal don’t forget to fill them with her favorite blooms!!! And remember gifts doesn’t matter much, the thought behind it matters more. 🙂

Prize: $30-70

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8. Phone Stand

Satechi Aluminum Desktop Charging Stand

We know that every family or group of friend is never complete without a phone addict, who, incidentally, is the most difficult to please. Gift this lady a phone stand, who so ever she is to you, and let her have a gift which will appeal her the most, indeed!

Prize: $25

See at Amazon

9. Cup of Happiness

Mimira Mug

Tea, coffee or whatever drink the ladies in your life love, these colorful cups can add a lot of merriness in their lives. Just look at these and you will certainly agree. A must if looking for a light holiday gift!!

Prize: $14


10. Wrist Watch

MICHELE16mm Serein Diamond Dial Watch Head

Is a friend or family member of yours is notorious for her lateness??
And you are thinking of gifting her a wristwatch this Christmas? Go for this one!!
The best part about this wristwatch is that it is fully customizable i.e. all the heads and the straps are sold separately; so it totally depends on you whether you want to keep it simple or want to make it something funky.

Prize: $995

See at NeimanMarcus

11. Box of Truffles

Man!! Girls love Chocolates, therefore if you are not able to decide what to gift her this holiday season, gift her a box of these much loved Truffles. Guys, don’t worry, go ahead! When it comes to girls, it is the ultimate fail-safe gift ever!!! Even your little girl will think world of you with these chocolates in her chubby hands, so buck up and order!!

Prize: $50

See at macys

12. Leather Wallet

Ladies love luxury!! Gift her this leather wallet if nothing else; it is not just handy, it also has a pocket where she can deposit her smartphone. A great gift if forgetfulness is one of the traits that you love about her! 🙂

Prize: $125

See at MarkANDGraham

13. Indoor Herb Garden

Does your lady love gardening herbs? Then gift her a garden! No, we are not jesting, you can actually give her an indoor herb garden for Christmas, and you can buy it here. The best thing about it is that the counter-top kit comes with six common herbs to choose from.

Prize: $55

See at Amazon

14. Body Wash Ornaments

Molton Brown Festive Baubles

Body wash sweet smelling gels are some of the things that some ladies can’t live without. So if someone who belongs to this category is a known and you are thinking of gifting her something this holiday season, go for these. It consists of 10 fragrances out of which, just as a head up as others are good too but Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine (green), Delicious Rhubarb & Rose (pink) and, Blossoming Honeysuckle & White Tea (purple) are deemed the finest.

Prize: $15 each


15. Serving Platter

Mariner Cheese Board

Does your wife play the hostess very often? Give her this beautiful cheese board, a serving platter which not only has an unusual shape of a boat but is also capable of acting as the nautical centerpiece.

Prize: $32

See at Ebay

16. Comfy Slippers

UGG Ansley Moccasin Slippers

It is certainly for someone who is the queen of your heart- your daughter, mom or your wife, these comfy slippers will certainly brighten up things for her this Xmas. Man, choose well!!

Prize: $100

See at UGG

17. Pearl Drop Earrings

Looking something everlasting for the love of your life or the other pillars of your life like your mom or an endearing sister, make them feel special with these ‘forever’ pearl drop earrings.

Prize: $75

See at Amazon

18. Plaid Blanket Scarf

Though a simple gift, it is apt for a ‘she’ who is always cold!! Or someone- a younger sister, or your mother- who loves ice skating and from now on, is planning to spend a lot of her time on the rink!! The gift, in fact, the love and the affection, will certainly warm ‘her’ heart this Christmas!!!

Prize: $18

See at Amazon

19. Fresh Life Candle

Ladies and fragrances go hand in hand, so if you are not thinking of gifting her a good scent, you can do something different this time by gifting her a ‘Fresh Life Candle’!! It’s sensual citrus scents of spring will keep her spirits cheerful throughout the year, not just because of the fragrance but also because it will represent your love for her. 🙂

Prize: $60


20. Hydrating Essentials

Spa Series Mini-Set

‘Hydrating Essentials’ is a great product for those who suffer from skin dryness in winters. Even if the lady doesn’t have a dry skin, to whom you are opting to gift these essentials, it will still prove useful as they are known for skin-softening and hydrating effect on one’s body. The lady will certainly love it!

Prize: $35

See at Osmia

21. Dewdrop Necklace

There is nothing better than a Dewdrop necklace if you want to show the love that you have for your lady-love! Wonderful, pacifying and graceful in equal measures, this 14k yellow solid gold necklace has a round pearl which sits atop a glittering white diamond. A beautiful gift for your beauty 🙂 !!

Prize: $244

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