Almost every adult visits a Spa once in awhile to combat fatigue and to have some quality me time…right?

But have you ever thought of taking your toddler to one?..No?
Being a baby is a tough full-time job (all the parents out there, we know your plight!). Don’t they deserve their Spa-hours!

They do! (#wink :))….No?!! Haww..Then why are baby Spas popping up around the world, hmm? Just name a country, South Africa, UK or Spain, they are virtually everywhere. Even Australia!! So all the parents out there who are not aware, there is a new recipe to sooth a fidgety baby – Baby Spa!! 🙂

Baby Spa Perth, Australia, the one we are talking about is owned by two Indian sisters, it is the first of its kind in AU and recently has been creating a lot of buzz with their Instagram page! They share candid pics of their adorable cutie-pie customers, taken during their Spa-sessions, on its Instagram, and the world is swooning over the cuteness overload! Scroll down and know more about this flourishing business which revolves around babies!!

More info: Baby Spa Perth, Facebook

This heart-warming sight is an everyday occurrence at Baby Spa Perth, which is Australia’s first ever bath and massage parlor for BABIES!

This baby heaven belongs to Kavita Kumar and her sister Anita Yap.

Here, babies can splash and kick in delight to their heart’s content while floating in the warm water. Certainly a paradise!

The flotation device looks a bit weird, but don’t worry, it is quite safe and has been developed by the Spa itself with safety and comfort of babies in mind.

This Spa is becoming a great way for the parents to spend some quality time with their little devils! No wonder, virtually everyone is trying it!

…And why not….it is a win-win situation in all respects! Not only is it fun for kids, the hydrotherapy is also extremely beneficial to the health of the toddlers!

Playing is what every baby loves, and in water, the fun increases multifold. The uplifting experience makes them more energetic, they squeak as they move and splash which is great because such movement helps the baby in developing healthy muscle and gaining bone strength.

But is it always about playing? Naaa..Some cuties use their Spa-time to catch up on sleep 🙂

This pic is so adorable, it is melting my insides!!

And if sleeping is not on the cards, one can always meet new baby people! Exposure to new social situations is always a good thing!

And as they say, the best things come in the end, the baby bath is followed by a bone-soothing massage!!! Just see the smiles on the faces of these ‘precious little bundles of cuteness’! Amazing!!

The Spa’s Instagram page is going viral, and their photos are making people melt with joy!

Though Baby Spa is not a new concept – there are many in England, Spain and South Africa – but the one at Perth is certainly creating history by getting the love of more than 11.5K Instagram followers in such a short span of time!! #iLoveBabies #youLoveBabies #WeLoveBabies