Do you know how to prepare Spaghetti?

I don’t know!! (#screaming #iloveDrama!!!)

So WHAT if I can’t (#attitude), I searched the internet for tutorials.

While searching for videos that can train me in ‘the’ art of cooking spaghetti, I came across this fabulous video by PES (‘the’ stop motion artist Adam Pesapane), and it just surprised me to the core! It seems that the video was CREATED just for me!!!!

The video is titled as ‘Western Spaghetti’ and it teaches ‘how to cook Spaghetti with tomato sauce’ and that too without using any edible food items. Just perfect!! That means I can try and try the routine out till I am a pro with inedible stuff, and then I can try it with ‘real’ food. Wow, that way I will not be wasting precious food!!

Never mind, you guys enjoy the video, which for us is another stop-motion gem. And the creativity exhibited is commendable – a Rubik’s cube plays the part of ‘garlic’, pick-up sticks are playing the protagonist, i.e. ‘spaghetti’, butter is played by a post-it note and …..GOD knows what!!! PES you are a genius and the colors just nailed it!

P.S. – PES I love you for this!!! My #cookingwoes are almost over!!