I always thought a language, its words, and phrases remain the same irrespective of the place where it was spoken. But no!! A language is a living organism, just like all of us, it grows every day, it is like water, it takes the form which mimics those who speak it and just like all humans are not identical, even its pronunciation varies from person to person. Same applies to English, unlike any other language which has one set standard, English has two out-branches, one meets the US and the other end grows into UK English. No wonder, native speakers or non-natives, all face confusion at one time or another while deciphering the meaning of some English words which have a different meaning in the US and UK.

But by God’s grace, there is someone called Grammar Check, which has created a useful infographic which makes English communication easier by pointing out about 63 British words and what they are called in America. My confusion has finally eased out, what about you?