Surfers recently have been doing the unexpected! Riding the Arctic waves seems to have topped every surfer’s bucket-list. Certainly all things come in full circles but I have never heard of exact opposites, yes, this sport which has been associated with warm weather for long, is now being pulled off by various surfers in subzero temperatures.

Iceland and Norway are the new surfing destinations where surfers brave Arctic waves head on, though with all required protection and only after donning a full body 7 millimeters thick suit with hoods, gloves, and shoes. Have a look at the pics that have been clicked by a photojournalist Olivier Morin; as in Arctic, surfing more seems like a mission, he has certainly captured these brave surfers amidst the frigid waters in their glory moments!

A man looks for a remote surfing spot in a fjord near Flakstad
Young Swedish surfers head to the water after spending the night in a tent on the snow-covered beach in Unstad
Instructors give a surfing lesson on a snow-covered beach in Unstad
A close-up of surfers in water in Unstad
A surfer rides a wave as the sun sets at the end of another short day in Unstad
Surfers ride a wave at the snowy beach of Unstad
Snowy mountains are reflected in a fjord near Delp, in the Lofoten archipelago
Surfers ride a wave as evening falls in Flakstad
Surfers ride waves as evening falls in Flakstad
People prepare to surf on the snow-covered beach in Flakstad
A surfer leaves the water in Flakstad
Dwarfed by snow-covered hills, two surfers enter the water in Unstad
Bacdropped by the northern lights (aurora borealis) a surfer stands on Unstad beach