The once-exuberant arenas and stands which at one time were the centers of activity for the biggest sports event in the world- Olympics, with their purpose served, stand unattended and silent devoid of all their former charm. Without the roar of the crowds no cameras are ready to capture them anymore and without the soul of Olympics- for which they were raised, without the presence of the athletes and their glory and cries, these places now stand as the forgotten marvels which speak for human’s fleeting memory!

Though we must notify that this is not the case all over the world, in 120 years of modern Olympic history, numerous cities have hosted the mega event. And, since loads and loads of money is spent by the host countries to raise these structures, it is not surprising that some of the venues have certainly been preserved well, exceptions are always there; yet it is not enough to relieve us from the disturbing fact that there are still other venues which were not that lucky!!

Have a look at these former Olympic venues, all of which are certainly beautiful – some are breathtakingly so while others are hauntingly so!! Different Shades of Beauty, right?

1. Swimming Pool, Berlin (1936 Summer Olympics)

2. Olympic Sports Complex, Sarajevo (1984 Winter Olympics)

3. Olympic Mascots Lie Unwanted, Beijing (2008 Summer Olympics)

4. Main Swimming Pool, Athens (2004 Summer Olympics)

5. Fountain in Olympic Village, Athens (2004 Summer Olympics)

6. Olympic Rings Monument, Sarajevo (1984 Winter Olympics)

7. Taekwondo Stadium, Athens (2004 Summer Olympics)

8. Ski Jump Tower, Cortina D’ampezzo, Italy (1956 Winter Olympics)

9. Olympic Village, Athens, (2004 Summer Olympics)

10. Kayak and Canoeing Venue, Athens (2004 Summer Olympics)

11. Beach Volleyball Venue, Beijing (2008 Summer Olympics)

12. Soviet Venue, Tallinn (1980 Moscow Summer Olympics)

13. Tennis Court, Atlanta (1996 Summer Olympics)

14.  Lake Tower, Atlanta (1996 Summer Olympics)

15. The Central Stadium, Sochi (2014 Winter Olympics)

16. Ski Jumping Tower, Grenoble, France (1968 Winter Olympic)

17. Olympic Canoe and Kayak Slalom Center, Athens (2004 Summer Olympics)

18. Olympic Flag Posts, Athens (2004 Summer Olympics)

19. Ski Jump, Sarajevo (1984 Winter Olympics)

20. Olympic Stadium, Atlanta (1996 Summer Olympics)

21. Football Field, Athens (2004 Summer Olympics)

22. Kayaking Competition Venue, Beijing (2008 Summer Olympics)