We all know that a day is fixed when each one of us is going to die. But we live like as if we have an eternity! Somewhere down the line, we start taking life for granted. And amidst the chaos, we forget doing just one thing. Called ‘living our life’.

Have a look at these heart-breaking last wishes, and start enjoying your life more, this is what they teach us. Do things which make you happy, even if you know that you are close to your death bed!!

So make time where there is none and start spending time with your loved ones.

Have a look at these last wishes, they have the ability to calm even the raging seas!!

1. This 6-year-old girl was diagnosed with brain cancer. Before her death, she did something unusual! She wrote love notes and hid them throughout the house as a way to reach out to her grieving parents after her death. And as expected her parents began to find them months after her demise and now are healing…..for they still have a bit of ‘their girl’ in those letters.

That’s a Good Idea

2. Mom’s last dance with my dad the night before she passed away after a 15 year battle with cancer


3. A tattoo artist fulfilled the last wish of this 12-year-old boy by making him a nice tattoo with colored markers.


4. They spent 75 years together, and they died hours apart…embracing each other.


5. My grandma wanted to see the ocean one last time before checking into hospice. Her face says it all


6. Hospice patient receives dying wish to snuggle some kittens

Great Plains SPCA

7. This dying 8 year old’s last wish was to be part of a big Christmas Sing Along! Thousands of Carolers granted this little girl her last wish as they flocked around her home and sang.

Ben Hasty

8. This Vietnam Veteran’s last wish was to go fishing. He was wheeled to a pond in his hospital bed. He even succeeded in catching a fish…his last catch!

VA medical centre

9. This Cancer patient’s last wish came true when he married the lady, which he had dated 30 years ago, on Valentine’s day.


10. This 14 year old terminally ill girl’s last wish was to have a prom. Man! Just have a look at this cutie. No one deserves to die this young!

Danny Damiani

11. A week before my grandfather passed away, i snuck his favorite beer into the nursing home for him. It was his last beer ever


12. This 5 year old Cutie’s last wish was to get married. And as expected, the wish was granted. She was married to her ‘Best Friend’ just a few hours before her demise, in a tear-wrenching, heart-breaking wedding ceremony.