The Life hacks that we are talking about are actually cards that were published by a cigarette company Gallaher cigarettes, a UK-based tobacco company, about a century ago. These cards were found in the company’s 100-year-old cigarette boxes and, digitized by ‘The New York Public Library (NYPL)’, are now available for the world to see.

Back in those days, cigarette cards were quite common; companies used to print pics of celebrities and advertisements on them. But Gallaher cigarettes did something out of the league; they decided to publish some of the most practical ‘how to’ lifehacks which are, surprisingly, still useful in today’s date and time.

Though some of them might seem uninteresting AF, like ‘how to boil potatoes’, but most of them like ‘how to remove a splinter from your palm’ and ‘how to make a fire extinguisher at home’, are quite clever and practical!!!!

This entire life hacks collection is now part of George Arents Collection the NYPL.

Take a proper look, who knows you may find something useful!


More info: The New York Public Library

1. How to Extract a Splinter

2. How to Make a Fire Extinguisher

3. A Hint When Boiling Potatoes

4. How to Light a Match in the Wind

5. How to Remedy Loose Shoes

6. When Boiling Cracked Eggs

7. How to Take Ink Stains Out a Handkerchief

8. How to Clean Bottles

9. How to Cool Wine Without Ice

10. How to Remove a Tight Ring from the Finger