A Girl’s happening life depends a lot on a few things …..a good dress, good jewelry to go with it, lethal makeup and a killing hairstyle!

Am I missing something? Yes….. SHOES!!!
Oh, shoot!!! I can’t believe I was about to miss it!!
Especially when we know that the shoe has the power to elevate or spoil one’s look.

So Where were we? Yes!! The perfect look is never complete without a good pair of shoes!! And, we know very well that the fashion world keeps on shifting from one to another trend and most of us don’t have an indefinite budget to get each and every shoe. So here we are with our list of 10 shoe pairs that will bail you out in most of the cases as each of these can go with almost every other look out there. So brace yourself, they are adorable!!

1. The Classic Pump

The classic pump is every girl’s dream and they have a universal appeal in the girl world!! An 4 or 5-inch pump can go with any outfit (yes I mean any darn outfit) with flying colors!!! They are sophisticated, they are classy and they help to leave a mark, and no wonder every girl craves them!! So go for the basic black pump, with a pointed toe and slim sleek heel; choose the one that falls in leather or suede category and have a blast!! Now, Imagine walking down the street in them and make people swoon!!! Okay, i got carried away, but it is a sure bet that many will Notice!!

Image credits: fashiontechsavvy.com

2. Everyday Sandals

Sandals with ankle straps are also one of the indispensable shoe types that every girl should possess, especially for the days when leisure is on the cards or ‘its vacation time!’ and the heat wave is just pathetic. For such days, sundresses and other comfy outfits suit the occasion better and it is where these everyday sandals do their job- so better choose such a piece which you think will be able to do justice to most of your summer wardrobe.

Image credits: girlstalk.hk

3. Ankle Boots

In a mood for jeans or feeling like dressing up? And want to wear shoes that can add some edge to the look? Then ‘Ankle boots’ are the best way out as they will not only give you an edge but will also enhance your look!!! No wonder a huge chunk of celebrities are mad about them. However, we advise you to go for a neutral hue boot and a walk-able heel will do, ditch the bitchy heel-eating stiletto.

They are just great, they not only make your legs look longer but can make you look killing whether paired with slim jeans or a swingy skirt in the spring, they certainly make the wearer outshine others.

Image credits: fashionsy.com

4. Smart Loafers

This takes inspiration from the menswear shoe which is known by the name of loafers. In today’s ‘Girl World’, they have very-much succeeded in replacing the ballet flat as the ultimate runaround shoe and why Not? They are comfortable as hell and the variety is boundless both in terms of colors and embellishments. Go for a basic black or a bright color and am sure after trying them they will become a stable part of your shoe wardrobe.

Image credits: fashionfav.com

5. Metallic Heels

Though they are considered a no-brainer, yet no one can dare defy the fact that they do make a girl look desirable in an evening look, but don’t stereotype them just as good-for-night wears for we have also seen girls wearing them in broad daylight and still leaving a mark!

Image credits: aliexpress.com

6. Casual Sneakers

A fashionable sneaker, not the men thing, we are talking about the girly-version of sneakers, they are deemed just perfect for the weekend outing – whether it be jeans or a mini-dress or a mid-skirt, it goes well with almost all. No wonder for many they are not just for weekends, they wear it on day-to-day basis. Get one for yourself and know why they are so loved!

Image credits: stylehaus.jp

7. Basic Ballet Flats

For the last minute “Oh! I don’t know what to wear with this dress?” panic attacks, it is better to keep one well covered with a pair of simple and yet classy Ballet flats with you. Moreover, they are a great backup when you’re out braving those high heels. You can always keep these in your purse so that once the misery-inflicting episodes of a high heel are over, your screaming-with-agony heels can be given a much needed rest.

Image credits: sequinsandstripes.com

8. Tall Flat Boots

Timeless and Tolerant, Tall flat boots are the apt choice if you want to brave the elements that rage during the Winter, Fall or the rainy season- with panache as they lend much needed protection from them. They’re classy and chic, however stay clear of high heeled ones as it would be very uncomfortable to let go of the cosiness they offer to your feet in bad weather just because the heels are unrelenting!!

image credits: purewow.com

9. Wedges

Spring and Summer force us to switch to sandals, but why always sandals? Go for wedges this time! A great footwear!! Not only are they really easy to walk in, but a pair of wedges go well with almost anything from party dresses to casual shorts and denim. There is a great variety, both classic, and newbie wedge designs, pick the one that suits your taste well, but do buy one!!

Image credits: aliexpress.com

10. Gladiators

Gladiators were the shoes which were originally worn by the fighters in Rome, and the fighters were known by the names of Gladiators, that’s why the name 🙂
Though they come in varied shapes and sizes, the straps that go up to a person’s knee makes it a great addition to the top footwears that every girl should possess.

Image credit: wheretoget.it

So plan a shopping spree and …have a great time in advance…:)