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Accidental Art: Impromptu at Its Best

Have you ever created an art piece, which came about to be really pleasing when at the first place it was nothing more than an unintended or half-hearted attempt.  History is a witness that...

Lelo Hex Is the Condom of the Future

‘I need to control... the darn condom can ‘rupture’ any damn second!!’ Certainly how a man is supposed to enjoy sex when thoughts like 'these' are blocking his way to bliss. An unexpected pregnancy is...

Olympic Logos Down the Memory Lane: Totally Unexpected and Unpredictable!!

Logos can convey a lot, and a good one can give an event a much-needed kickstart; same is the case with mega event Olympics. It occurs on such a large scale and for me...

Is Clothing Responsible for Sexual Assaults ?? See These Pics for the Answer!!

Numerous times the clothes of the sexually assaulted victims have been pointed as the catalyst that initiated the act- this ideology is so common that people are quite often seen asking the victims, ‘So,...

Joseph Herscher’s Power Nap Machine

The inventor of the power nap machine is said to have created his first machine (lolly the machine) at the tender age of five ! Whoa! I don't even remember if I ever did...

Sex Scenes That Will Take Your Breath Away!!!

Sex scenes could be really arousing!! Though nowadays, if the script asks for a sex scene, the writers make sure that it is a very short one, and it is executed in such a...




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