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Awesome View of Sydney from the Sky

This video will give you a beautiful overview of Sydney. The video was filmed with drones and have captured a lot of stunning panoramic views of this great Australian city. Enjoy the beauty of Sydney!!! [youtube...

Which Famous People Said These Quotes?

Do you know who said these quotes?

Winners of Smithsonian Photo Contest 2016 Announced

Smithsonian Photo Contest 2016, which received about 48000 entries from photographers living in 146 countries, has finally released the names of its winners. From Ramadan Prayers by Pradeep Raja Kannaiah (which won the Grand...

Witness Iranian Women’ 100 Years of Beauty in a Single Reel!!

In the previous videos, that we shared, of "100 Years of Beauty”- the youtube series by Cut, we saw that they have explored the American women’ beauty evolutions over the past 100 years, but...

Badges Aimed to #End the Stigma That Surrounds Mental Illness

Kay Selwyn Layton, a native of North Carolina is creating badges for social media in hope of creating an open dialogue so that the stigma that exists when it comes to mental health issues...

Mermaid Crowns Embellished with Real Seashells Is the Next Internet Buzz

Yes, Mermaid Crowns with sea shells on them is just taking the world, actually the girl world by storm!! No? You have to believe me, all the girls around the Globe are just going bananas!!!! Even...




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