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Photographer Captures Funny Expressions of Dogs Trying to Catch Food in the Air

Christian Vieler, a photographer from Waltrop, Germany, literally forced the world to stop and take notice of his beautiful photographs which feature the reactions of a host of hungry dogs as treats were thrown...

Mathematical Geometric Drawings on Snow- Utterly Incredible!!!

Simon Beck, an engineer by profession, left his job to pursue something which ignited his soul; this Oxford University Engineering pass out, in 2004 got this idea to draw shapes on ice, and bless...

Dad Draws Cool Cartoons on His Son’s Lunch Paper Bag Daily!

Isn’t it just cool? Such gestures really mean a lot, especially when you are a kid; I would do anything for someone who does such unconditional gestures for me; surely, a day starts brighter...

Brainstorming for the Reception Songs? Relax, Spotify Can Help!!

The wedding went fine? I am sure it did!! So what is the problem? Are you having second thoughts about the songs that you have chosen for the reception? Or did you actually forgot to...

What If You Could Illustrate Your Love Life in a Comic Strip? a Couple...

If you don’t know how a girl’s life changes for the ‘good’ when she accepts a ‘great’ guy as her boyfriend, here is a new comic that will help you get the gist of...

Locate Any Pub in UK with This One Map!

Do you love beer? And you live in the UK, or just visiting? Nevertheless, note that there are a whopping 24,727 pubs in the whole country, hence if you are up to it –...




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