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Alone in Paris – When a Tourist Walks in a Deserted Paris

Alone in Paris is actually a short film by a French filmmaker Mathieu Stern which features a tourist who is walking alone in a deserted Paris i.e. without its inhabitants and its traffic. Here what...

10 Fascinating Facts About Roses

There are many things that a ‘Rose’ conveys, literature and poetry have continuously been embellished with reference to roses as the symbol of love or friendship. However, there is more to roses than what...

What Happened When Google Lost Its Domain Name

The researcher and ex-googler Sanmay Ved somehow managed to buy the domain name of Google from Google's new domain buying service Google Domains. One day, while browsing the list of domain names on Google domains,...

Reuters Lists the Most Powerful Photographs of 2016

Counted among the top-notch international news agencies, Reuters is the reigning Monarch of the news world and the unrelenting authority of almost all things which are happening at the Global platform. They are busy...

Forbes’ List of ‘Top 25 Billionaires of 2016’

Money, Money, and Money!! 'The Love for Money is the evil of all roots!'? Really? Naa...In today's era 'money' is many things besides what this age-old proverb conveys. No doubt, as always money still...

Inspiring Before and After Images of Rescued Dogs Will Make Your Day

In this era of terrorism where numerous lives are being destroyed and more and more people are losing their faith in love, some people, and their heart-warming deeds keep surfacing as if to tell...




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