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You’ll Love How People React When They Hear ‘You Are Beautiful’

When Art student Shea Glover thought of capturing human emotion in its purest form, she never would have imagined that it will come out so fine and novel, such that what started as a...

Unusual Yet Awe-Inspiring Playgrounds in Australia — Visit Them with Us in Pictures

For many of us visiting Australia might not be easy, so here we are with a virtual tour to the best playgrounds this country so proudly speaks of. And as they grace the land...

Best Entries for National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest 2016- Cities Category

National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Competition 2016 is receiving entries from photographers from around the globe; it aims at bringing to light the budding talents in the field of Photography and the...

Winning Pics of Siena International Photo Awards Will Make You Sigh Out Loud

Siena International Photo Awards is just 2 years old, but the visual content that it attracted in 2016 has placed it directly amidst the ‘cream-of’ the ‘photography awards’ which have been around for years....

Why GB’s Rugby Seven Team Decided to Go Nude?

Before the onset of Rio 2016, Team GB Women’s Rugby Sevens team  posed nude for Women’s Health Naked issue with 'body confidence' as their agenda. Five players, namely Heather Fisher,Michaela Staniford, Danielle Waterman, Amy Wilson-Hardy...

Joseph Herscher’s Power Nap Machine

The inventor of the power nap machine is said to have created his first machine (lolly the machine) at the tender age of five ! Whoa! I don't even remember if I ever did...




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