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#Momiamfine: Travelling with a Reassuring ‘Mom I Am Fine’ Sign Is In

Mothers!! They will always be the bundles of nerves when it comes to their children’ well being, sick with worry even if the child is out of her sight for a few minutes. Imagine what...

This Time Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Flowers!!

Flowers and Christmas Tree? You must be thinking 'Am I reading it right?' Yes, you are!! We acknowledge that though the idea is quite different, but that doesn't mean it is downright a 'no no'!...

The 7 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on the Earth

Today lots of people are suffering from health related problems because of obesity. Gaining weight has become a headache nowadays. Here are foods that will help you in managing your weight and burning cholesterol. Broccoli Broccoli...

Anyone Can Conquer These Cookie Recipes!!!

There are only two sorts of people on the face of the earth, cookie-lovers—who admit the love and the cookie-lovers—who deny it!! Certainly, anyone who says he hates cookies is definitely a badass who...

Can You Guess These Fast Food Items Without Their Packaging?

Fast food is in demand nowadays because People of all ages love it!! No wonder the market is now literally overflowing with the fast-food chains which seem to have sprung overnight.  Guys, though there...

Story of an Over Drunk Man

Addy, a middle-aged man had been drinking at his local pub for all day and most of the night. Sam, the bartender! has stopped addy to drink more. Addy replies, "Ok friend, fine "now I'm going...




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