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Body Marbling Is the New Fad!!!!!

I always thought body marbling was restricted to polishing one’s nails, but I think I was wrong!! Gosh!! Things evolve so quickly! Just in the blink of an eye a new thing branches out of...

FRIENDS and Their Iconic Quotes. Let Us See How Many You Remember !!

One of the most loved, no actually it is ‘the’ most loved Soap ever, FRIENDS, still hits a chord with its evergreen content and ‘lovable’ characters. Their magic remains unparalleled; and rightfully so, they...

National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2016 Winners

National Geographic (NG) has finally declared the winners of its prestigious 2016 ‘Nature Photographer of the Year’ contest. I must confess after having a look at the winning pics, I simply failed to choose...

10+ Workout Fails That Will Give Pain in Your Stomach

The first time I tried treadmill, I was totally taken by surprise; one sec I was on my feet and ready for a run, but to my absolute shock, the very next sec I...

Epic Video with Beautiful Landscapes of Earth

American photographer Dustin Farrell presents the video "Landscapes: Volume 4K", this video shows the beautiful landscapes, mostly filmed in Arizona during day & night. Here is how Dustin introduced the video on his you tube...

Olympic Gold Medals: Almost a Goldless Reality!

Olympic Gold medals are not made of pure Gold! Unbelievable? Yes, but also undeniable!! In fact, it won't be wrong to say that the Gold in them is almost zero; 500gm of the otherwise stated...




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